Originally self-taught, I started early working on various programming tasks for different companies.

Have been all over the map (literally and figuratively) professionally. Spent a few years working for a couple different database companies, handling all kinds of assignments, many of them pleasant. Burned out on never really knowing what time zone I'm going to be in tomorrow, so gave up my battered carry-on luggage for a daily bus ride to an office.


Had an acquaintance online turn up in Seattle once. Turned into way more than an acquaintance. Married her in 2000.

She's from Virginia, so I found myself living there - closer to her tight-knit family. They've taken me in as one of their own, doubtless over their initial misgivings about this oddball stranger.

Ended up becoming CTO for an access control products manufacturer. Building little Linux-based devices and loved almost every day of my job - until it was time to go.

After a bit of time on the east coast we've returned to Seattle, where it all more or less started. Getting jiggy at Amazon these days, working on slightly different kinds of systems than I have in the past, but find myself working with fun people and enjoying all kinds of new head-stuffing.